As a professional organizing service, we believe that having an organized and functional home that meets your unique needs can enrich your life and bring ease to everyday living.

Clear Home.  Clear Mind.

ReCreate Space is a proud member of the Professional Organizers in Canada.




As a young girl, my mom had the local Toronto newspaper delivered every

Saturday morning. My favourite pastime was to sift through the real estate section looking at the various layouts advertised for new condominiums.  I would study each floor plan looking for the best functionality and flow.  I was fascinated with the idea of how space could be used to support natural flow and daily living.  


Coupled with that, I had a love for organizing! On days off from school, I could be found rearranging the furniture, testing different layouts and freshening up our living space. I would single-handedly be hauling couches and the dining table across the floor in our open concept home, playing with the design.


I would then re-organize our belongings so everything worked. Thankfully, I had a very forgiving mother who didn't mind arriving home to a new and inspired space!  From there I would organize for friends (actually, whoever would allow me... I enjoyed it so much!). 


Fast-forward through a few careers, a new home build, several moves, and countless renovations -- life is a journey -- and I continued to do what I do naturally… declutter, organize and create functionality.  


Friends and colleagues always appreciated my practicality, whether I was creating a new system, or made changes to the physical layout that just seemed to function better.  To my surprise, people began to hire me and recommend my services to others. 


After training with the Professional Organizers In Canada, it was a natural evolution to start ReCreate Space and do what I love most:


Re-create living spaces to give people relief.  Relief from the overwhelms of a home that isn't functioning for them anymore. 


I work with clients to identify what they want out of their home, what areas they want to focus on first, then together we start the process of decluttering and sorting.  Once that is done, we set up the space for better flow and function so that daily tasks take less time and energy.  Creating simplicity, along with beauty, clients love their home again. 

Since then, I’ve worked with many people, of all ages, who want to get their home back on track, from busy professionals, parents, business owners, retirees, divorcees who want their home to reflect their new situation in life, as well as those adjusting to life after losing a spouse.


Like them, you may be overwhelmed with your home or part of your home. 

Every situation and home is unique, but the goal remains the same: for you to be successful and have a home that supports you.  


With a compassionate yet practical, get-it-done, approach, I find solutions that work specifically for you. 

Having studied psychology in university, social work in college, and attended many personal development seminars over the years, I draw on these learnings in all I do.


Every day I get to see the positive effects on clients as their home gets organized.  The most common statement I hear is, "I feel so much lighter!". 


I also see their energy levels increase and even other areas of their life open up and flourish.  I especially love hearing the positive responses from those that have kids!  


You never know how far-reaching the effects of having a sorted and organized home can have on you, your relationship and your family.  It can be transformational.


I look forward to working with you and bringing more "lightness" to your life.


Hope to see you soon!



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