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10 Obscure Things You Can Finally Organize!

(This post is in response to the COVID-19 experience)

10 obscure things you can finally organize! This is an extraordinary time. For some of you, you have the opportunity to be at home. Although this can mean uncertain financial times it is also a rare opportunity to spend quality time with those you live with. To share, play, live, and laugh together and reflect on life. It is said you can’t worry enough to make something, or someone, better. So use this precious time to share together and create beautiful moments. For others who are working in the Essentials Services, you may be overworked and exhausted, we back you with our love and appreciation 💗 For those at home, this may be a time to dive into some more obscure areas of your home!! Pick one from the list below and do it! If you get through the whole list... you’re a powerhouse!! 1. The attic/crawl space/or storage closet. This is likely a big project. Be prepared! 2. Do you rent a storage unit? Do you really need to keep or store these items? Make a plan for its contents. One that you can execute when ”this" is all over. Plan to put the saved monthly payment toward your mortgage, future travel, savings or kids education fund. 3. Photos - physical or digital. Make digital photo books or organize them into folders by year and then within each year, by month or event. Sort physical photos the same way. Post cool old pics you find, a fun way for you, your family and friends to reminisce! 4. Expenses. This is a fantastic time, especially with tax season, to organize your finances. What are your monthly expenditures? Take stock. What is the projection of your mortgage? What can you do to put yourself in a better financial position? 5. Junk drawer! AKA, the Hell Drawer! Do it! Empty the whole thing out! Imagine the treasures you’ll find! This could be a fun one to do with the kids! 6. Tea or coffee cupboard/drawer. This area usually gets a lot of use yet is ignored and can live in a state of unruliness. Check expiration dates. Be realistic about what you use and don’t. 7. Jewelry! When was the last time you assessed your jewelry? Get a few friends to do this too. At the end of ”all this” you can have a jewelry party and do an exchange! 8. Electronic drawer! All those cords and empty phone boxes. Sort and put aside the ones that are no longer relevant. 9. Nightstand. We did a post about this a few weeks ago. But it is a top forgotten spot! Dive in! You’ll feel the serenity it brings as you as you get into bed each night. 10. Under the kitchen sink!!! Do I need to say more?? Have fun with this! Until we are well out of the thick of COVID-19, you’ll have to set aside all the items you want to donate or pass on to others. If you are alone at home, connect with a friend and together find an obscure space to organize. Send each other pics of your final result! Or post them here to share with a bigger community! Lastly, find your silver lining in all this. Be well 💖

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