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Gone are the days of Leave It To Beaver!

Gone are the days of "Leave it to Beaver", a reason why Professional Organizers are becoming a household name.

1. Back then, someone stayed home to make breakfast, lunches and dinner! Both parents are working now and juggling work/home life.

2. Back then, someone stayed home to clean the house. Today, hiring a house cleaner is more common than it has ever been.

3. Back then, kids had fewer commitments outside of school. Kids are now involved in far more after school activities, some requiring more and more commitment.

4. Back then, kids went out to play for the evening with their friends in the neighbourhood. This meant parents didn’t spend the evening driving them to their activities.

5. Back then, everything was closed on Sunday. You had an excuse to stay home.

6. Back then, Sundays were sacred family days. Whether the family went to church or had a Sunday family dinner.

7. Back then, there weren’t as many distractions as there are today. Phones, tablets, social media….

8. Back then, toys were built to last and there were fewer of them to tidy up. We have gone overboard with the number of toys we buy.

9. Back then, there were less consumer choices, and ‘stuff’ available, to clutter our brain and our lives. Online shopping has made buying stuff easier than ever.

10. Back then, families watched shows together… like Leave it to Beaver ;). Does your family have a show they watch together? Without realizing it, everyone ends up on their own devices: phone, tablet...etc..

It makes sense why people feel tired, too busy, lonely, and overwhelmed. The state of our homes can start to reflect all this busy-ness.

Stuff accumulates, clutter becomes inevitable, a system to keep everything in place was never set up, and if it was, it is long forgotten under the building piles of clothes, papers, bags …whatever it is that is piling up.

In today’s world, it makes sense to hire a professional organizer. The benefits are far more than just “getting organized” or "tidying up", they reach further.

Professional Organizers not only guide you through the process of organizing your chaos of stuff, they also help you reflect. What is really important to you? What you want out of your home?

They help bring clarity. What do you really need, and not need?

They look at how you use your space and learn what your daily routines are, then suggest systems that better support you and your family toward your goal.

They help you find relief from your current situation. They want to make these things easier, and maintainable for you so you can enjoy coming home after a long and busy day!

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